L-IFT was founded by Anne Marie van Swinderen in January 2015. We are a boutique consulting firm intending to stay small, flexible and pragmatic. We endeavour to create a collaborative and inspiring work environment for all our consultants, junior and senior. The organization is there to support its consultants rather than the other way around and will reward generously according to the results produced by the individual consultants. By working within the framework of L-IFT top quality thinkers and do-ers, innovators and implementers will be able to unleash their entrepreneurship without having to go through the tedious process of setting up their own company and systems.


MicroSave Consulting (MSC) is a boutique consulting firm that has, for 20 years, pushed the world towards meaningful financial, social, and economic inclusion. With 11 offices around the globe, about 180 staff of different nationalities and varied expertise, we are proud to be working in over 65 developing countries. We partner with participants in financial services ecosystems to achieve sustainable performance improvements and unlock enduring value. Our clients include governments, donors, private sector corporations, and local businesses. We can help you seize the digital opportunity, address the mass market, and future-proof your operations.



Anne Marie van Swinderen
Founder and Managing Director

Anne Marie van Swinderen is the founder of L-IFT BV. She has been active in financial inclusion for over 30 years. She brings along experience in numerous projects: agricultural and cooperative finance in Zambia, microfinance outreach in Bolivia, financial diaries in Colombia, studies about demand for mobile financial services, product development for mobile financial services in Ethiopia and youth financial diaries in Togo and Ethiopia.

Jose Vahl
Country Director L-IFT Myanmar

Jose Vahl is currently directing L-IFT’s business growth in Myanmar from 1 project with 800 respondents and 40 researchers in 4 geographical areas to a country wide program. She has been more than 6 years in Myanmar now, arrived as country director for an INGO, and continued with consulting in numerous projects. She brings along years of experience in Local Economic Development and Business Development, Value Chain Analyses and Women Economic Empowerment and a Masters in Agriculture from Wageningen University in The Netherlands.

Marcienne Umubyeyi
Programme Manager

Marcienne Umubyeyi is L-IFT Programme Manager and was engaged as a coordinator of the Livelihood Diaries in Ghana and Uganda. She has 14 years’ experience in financial inclusion and entrepreneurship, youth training, project formulation and implementation.

Mahlet Alemayehu
Founder and Managing Director

Mahlet Alemayehu is a Project Manager at L-IFT in charge of reporting, administration and data analysis. She has been with L-IFT since inception and has 8 years’ work experience in survey implementation and field work supervision. She is expert in data processing for financial diaries and data interpretation. She has a background in Economics and Human Resource (BSc and MSc). She has supervised five major high frequency studies (Ethiopia, 3 in Uganda, Nigeria).

Haimanot Yibeltal
Technology Manager

Haimanot Yibeltal has studied Mathematics and Physics at Manhattanville College in New York and has experience in CAPI software for financial diaries research, video making, technology management and data base design. He is particularly experienced in quality management through technology. He is the Technology Manager at L-IFT in charged of data management, technology and logic responsibilities.

Minh Deo
Video Maker

Minh Deo has been working as a videomaker for L-IFT since 2015. She holds a master’s degree in modern languages and discovered her passion for content creation while travelling the world.

Andrew Magunda
Country Manager – L-IFT Uganda

Andrew Magunda is a researcher, monitoring and evaluation specialist with 14 years of experience in financial literacy programming and evaluation in East, Central and West Africa, mainly working on youth financial education and products, and adult rural saving initiatives. He is a Country Manager with L-IFT in Uganda and has worked on SEEP’s evaluation of the long-term performance and evolution of savings groups in Uganda and Mali and the Refugee Financial Diaries research project in Uganda. He has led over 15 savings evaluations and has served on evaluation committees for Global Youth Economic Opportunities Conference (USA) Aflatoun International (Holland).

Theresa Thin
Programme Officer

Theresa Thin is L-IFT’s Programme Officer in Myanmar. She is responsible for recruitment, training, coaching and supervising the field supervisors and promoters / data volunteers for the different L-IFT Myanmar projects. She liaises with the clients on logistics and is an expert in working with the different software tools (including our own Finbit App) that L-IFT uses. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics of Dagon University and a Diploma in Business Management from De La Salle of St. Benedict College. Before coming to L-IFT she was a Marketing Executive in Export/Import of Golden Land Express Company.

Eric Anjeo
Data Analyst

Eric Anjeo is L-IFT’s Data Analyst/statistician skilled in recording, interpreting and analyzing data in a fast-paced environment, advanced proficiency in all aspects of data analytics (data mining, data visualization, predictive modeling, machine learning, and time series analysis in Python and R). He is responsible for supporting research analysis and development processes. He has a bachelor degree in statistics from the University of Nairobi (UON).

Mekdes Hailegiorgis
Programme Assistant

Mekdes Hailegiorgis has an MSC in Business Economics. She has been engaged as project management officer in charge of administrative tasks such as field supervision, reviewing financial reporting, assist on methodology implementation and data analysis.

John Kamau
Data Expert

John Kamau is currently working for L-IFT as a data expert. He has a degree in Economics from the University of Nairobi. He also has a certificate in CPA 2 and for Data science in R and Python. He has over 5 years’ experience in Data: as an operations analyst in a transport Sacco, a market data analyst, an innovation analyst as well as a data scientist in the financial sector. He is experienced in Machine learning in both R and Python as well as SQL and big data analysis in Spark. He can perform data analysis and visualizations in R and Python and create dashboards in R and Tableau. He is experienced in web development and creation of data related applications in Flask and Django.

Selamawit Alemayehu
Accountant and Office Assistant

Selamawit Alemayehu has a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance at Addis Ababa University. She has 3 years’ experience in accounting and administrative works. She is L-IFT’s accountant and office assistant based in Ethiopia. She is in charge of coordinating the central finance system for the organization and a key point of contact for the international team. She also assists in administrative tasks related to the organization and communication.

Frehiwot Sinishaw
Programme Assistant

Frehiwot Sinishaw has a Master’s degree in Public International Law at Addis Ababa University Law school, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She is in charge of logistic works, report and proposal writing, data processing and field supervision. She also manages social media and website activities, and document organizations.


Graham A.N. Wright
Founder, Group Managing Director

Graham A.N. Wright is the founder and Group Managing Director of MSC. He pioneered much of the core of market-led approach used by MSC. He has around 30 years of experience in emerging markets underpinned by five years of experience in management consultancy, training and audit with Arthur Andersen in Europe.

Elizabeth Berthe

Elizabeth Berthe is a Partner in MSC’s Réseau Helix domain. She is a digital financial services expert with over 15 years of experience gained through projects with international funding agencies, NGOs, mobile network operators, MFIs and other private sector companies across sub-Saharan Africa, Indonesia, Mexico, Colombia, Haiti, and the Philippines.

Puneet Chopra

Puneet Chopra heads the Banking and Product Development, Agriculture and Allied Services and Private Sector Development Domain at MSC. He is an expert in business planning, strategy and operations, consumer research, product development, and innovation. Puneet specializes in distribution channels, marketing, process re-engineering, and project and program management. With a career spanning over two decades, he has diverse experience in various roles and capacities across banking, financial services, insurance, telecommunications, information technology, media, entertainment, and transportation industries.

Anil Kumar Gupta

Anil Gupta is a Partner at MSC and heads the Digital Financial Services-Payments and Distribution Domain. He is a hands-on development banker and technology manager with over two decades of experience. Anil has worked on projects with development banks, commercial banks, international funding agencies, MFIs, community-based institutions, rural infrastructure projects, and major telecommunication players in India, China, and the USA.

Mitul Thapliyal

Mitul Thapliyal is a Partner and heads the Digital Financial Services-Government Social Impact (GSI) domain in MSC. He works with governments, policymakers, development agencies, think tanks, academic institutions, NGOs, and with citizens. His work centers around improving the delivery of government and social impact (GSI) services and benefits focused on people at the bottom of the pyramid.

Anup Singh

Anup Singh leads MSC’s regional office in Anglophone Africa and heads the Helix Institute based in Nairobi, Kenya. With fourteen years of experience, his expertise includes digital transformation of financial institutions; fintech mapping, scoping, and policy design; digital readiness assessment of social protection programs; digital credit scoping, design and policy; and training programs. He has consulted over 100 institutions including governments, fintechs, financial institutions, investors, and multilateral organizations in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia, and South Africa in African continent, and India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam, Myanmar, China, Papua New Guinea in the Asian continent. He has also trained at the Boulder Institute of Microfinance, Italy in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Grace Retnowati
Associate partner

Grace Retnowati is an Associate Partner and financial consultant with more than 15 years’ experience in microfinance, rural finance, Digital Financial Services (DFS) and advisory services. Grace has worked on various projects with banks, government institutions, MFIs, and local financial institutions in Indonesia. She is currently associated with MSC as Country Head—Indonesia.

Vishrant Shukla

Vishrant Shukla leads the Finance, Legal, Admin and IT functions across MSC group of companies, ensuring robust strategies are in place at all times for these functions.

Subir Vyas

Subir Vyas leads the Human Capital Department at MSC. In this role, Subir manages the overall HR responsibilities including building robust HR systems, processes, policies to enable the institutional vision and mission and building a solid foundation to support the organization’s growth and manage change.

Parul Tandonn
Senior Manager

Parul Tandon leads the Knowledge Management team at MSC. In this role, she oversees the marketing, editorial and design functions and works with teams across Asia and Africa. Her focus is to build thought leadership and strengthen global footprint for MSC.